The world of gambling in casinos is glamorous, stylish and gives plenty of great opportunities to take photographs if you have the permission of the establishment first.

Many images have been taken within countless casinos and you can see for yourself if you literally just type in casino into a search engine and bring up images. What we are looking at here are the best casino pictures ever captured.

What makes a photo of a casino great?

Well, lighting is everything and taking the lens-cap off will help in capturing this.  The best photos capture a moment within a game. There are many subjects available from roulette tables, poker tables to blackjack tables and slot machines. You also have those taking part in the game, they can bring as much to the picture as the actual picture itself. Seeing despair and loss of hope can have a huge impact, more so than those who are winning and having a whale of a time.

What to consider when you take a photo.

When you set yourself up in a casino, you need to think about the message you want to get across to the viewer. Are you going to look out for the big winner and capture low angle shots in celebration? Will you be focusing on the games and using close-up shots with the players blurred out in the background?

The message is key and with the best photo’s ever taken, often the message is contextualised with more than just the obvious message of the photo saying “look, this is in a casino and this player is gambling.”

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The best photos of casinos.

Of course, opinions are all relative, what we like may not actually be the best in your eyes, but we couldn’t have titled this blog as ‘possibly the best photographs of casinos depending on your stance of photographic skills.’

We have lined up 3 photos and each will be describing why they are considered to be the best casino photos to be taken in the whole of history since the camera was invented and possibly a bit after that when photoshop came out and allowed people to adjust errors and make their pictures a lot better.

The Grand Lisboa Casino

Wow, there is a lot going on in this picture. It shows depth, scope and players blurred as they pass through the casino. It is symmetrical and fully screams out, “Hey, look at me, I’m a big casino.”

The Macau Casino

Holy fry-up look at this! No, that is not a still from a sci-fi movie, this is actually real! This screams dominance, power and billions and billions of profit made from hapless players. This is a casino that you don’t want finding you asleep in bed with its wife.

Las Vegas Strip

This is an old photo taken between 1976 -1990. Showing the iconic Las Vegas strip. This image has it all, neon lights, lush designs and look at the cowboy, so cool. If you fail to capture a picture like this during your hobby as a photographer, then you have failed in life.